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Have trouble getting your message out to potential clients?
Looking to build trust, credibility, and a connection with customers?
Do you want to stand out from your competition?

Storytellers Video Productions Can Help!



It all starts with you.
That's what people, clients, customers are buying, right?
Telling your story is incredibly important. Unfortunately, far too often we don't think others are interested in our story. 
In reality, it's the EXACT OPPOSITE.
LDP Multi-Media helps you tell your story in the most efficient and effective way. 



We have a theory.
No one likes someone who brags about themselves. So rather than boasting about yourself, have others do it for you!
That's why we believe Testimonials are so important.
Particularly video testimonials.
So others can see and feel how you've helped your clients and customers.


Your Bio Video says this is who I am.
A Branding Video says this is who WE are.

The company. The group. The organization. 

What we do. Who we serve.

Our mission. Our principles.

How we help our clients and customers.

How we solve problems.

How we provide solutions.


Williamson County Realtor video production client

“Having your guidance and your experience really helping me come up with ideas I know I never would have done. This year has been my best year ever in Real Estate!”

Bobbi Jo Barnes (Realtor)

We have over 50 years of experience telling compelling stories. Stories that resonate with your perfect clients. 


Every business' unique story is most effectively told with video. And with SVP,  people will see your heart, your drive, your passion. Drawing folks to your business.


It’s all part of a bigger goal; to build your business and your brand.


We’d love to help your business tell your story!

Dan Phillips Franklin, Tn videographer
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